My accomplice Mike and I were at a junction in our bearer several years prior. Much as we appreciated being in the senior business and reestablishment commissions from LTC deals, we understood the business sector was evolving. Things were getting more confused. Rates and endorsing were not making things less demanding and getting arrangements to offer was getting extravagant and hard. We were acquainted with “this fellow who has his class framework and bravely composes $4 – $46 million Dollars in annuities yearly”. Being in the business for a short time, we characteristically markdown everything by half and after that we don’t believe the rest to be genuine. We did, on the other hand, take the time to look at this one from UW.


Right away we were stunned at how decent and open Bill was offering everything to us. At that point we were stunned again by the introductory expense of doing the courses… this is the best thing that befell us in the previous fifteen years. We probably won’t need to prospect. The individuals we see like us, are sitting tight for us (as opposed to standing us up home) and admire our recommendation. Between us we sold in abundance of $8 million in the not so distant future and this is with taking a month or somewhere in the vicinity off in the mid year and a couple of weeks off in the winter. Much thanks to you Bill (Joe and David as well) for permitting us to share and for all your assistance. Gracious, and by the way we made some extraordinary companions to.

The Senior Survival workshop has furnished our org with a steady, high volume and astounding arrangement for making new customers. With a workshop like clockwork we end up with a ceaseless stream of arrangements during the time with a loose, no weight climate for the potential customer. The framework lives up to expectations!

I have never cherished working such a great amount in my life!! The people I met with were happy to the point that I could help them. Amazing SYSTEM you have created. Things are truly beginning to blast! A piece of me needs it to remain a mystery so hopefully I don’t have any rival, yet I realize that wouldn’t be beneficial for you.


I have been utilizing Bill’s course framework going into my third year. The workshop is serene and extremely generally welcomed by customers.

Extraordinary workshop presentation data and incredible reinforcement help on class planning and mailing of welcomes.

Bill’s educational module produces solidifying actualities which represent themselves and smother the rivalries replies. By utilizing Bill’s powerful, modern methodology, prospects are excited to meet. His inventive strategies have made a level of faith in myself that has meant an excitement for seeing prospects. Utilizing the Broich Approach, I can’t let you know what number of customers I have stolen from ‘pinstripe suited” merchants who have long standing associations with them. These dealers scratch their heads and consider how could this happen. He has taught me how to destroy the opposition!

Much obliged to you Bill.

The Broich Approach offers an extraordinary annuity offering framework that empowers you to see more potential customers, so you can offer more annuities.